Efficient Exhaust Purification All-in-one 2.0(EPA)

  • Product Overview:

    EPA 2.0 is widely used to treat waste gas in rubber tires, automobile, shipbuilding, motorcycles, bicycles, household appliances, piano, container manufacturing plant painting and coating. It can also be used with the professional equipments from chemical plastic, printing inks, cables, enameled wire. The waste gas containing much dust, oil and other impurities can be treated with pretreatment equipment first.

  • Detailed description

    1、 NAME :Efficient Exhaust Purification All-in-one 2.0(EPA)

    2、 SIZE:See parameters.

    3、Process Description

    The exhaust gas adsorption and concentration device is composed of multi independent adsorption and concentration units. The units adsorb the industrial waste gas (mainly VOCs). When the absorption quantity reaches dynamically saturated, a small air stream of high temperature will be blown into the units. Then the VOCs are desorbed from the units. Finally, the exhaust gas enters catalytic oxidation device.

    4、process flow diagram 

    5、 Device Parameters:

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